Just Emkaying: The day it Poured!!!

Aug 21, 2008

The day it Poured!!!

6:00 am

Wake up. Its Raining. Back to sleep

6:30 am

Its Still Raining. Back to sleep

7:00 am

Door bell rings. OPen door for maid. Sleep on chair.

7:45 am

Close door for maid. Its still raining. Sleep on nearest flat surface.
8:00 am

Alam rings. Throw mobile in nearest pile of clothes.SLeep

8:30 am

Its still raining. REad the newspaper with one eye
8:45 am

Its pouring now. Read paper with both eyes.

9:20 am
start getting ready. Chomp some bread while tying shoe lace and balance laptop.

(This is the part where I leave to work. It absolutelty STOPS RAINING ) what the #$1%^!!!

6:30 pm

Stuck in traffic jam. Plan for movie at 7 with roomies.

6:45 pm

It starts RAINING. Get wet while light turns green at signal.

6:50 pm

PArk the vehicle, run for cover. IT starts POURING.

6:55 pm
Stops raining. Run to the bike. STart. ROARRRRrrrr..

6:59 pm

Catch the sunset on the flyover. take a snap while driving with one hand.

7:10 pm
Sit wet in a cinema hall. Watch movie for three hours. Get cold
10.15 pm
Reach home. CAtch a cold (fever the next day)
sleep till 6 am. Then refer first line!!!

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