Just Emkaying: You know, Life's a Bitch.

May 18, 2011

You know, Life's a Bitch.

Dear Maddy boy,

The first line we wrote in our diary, much before blogs, vlogs, and others was this...

"I don't know why am writing this."

6 years later we still don't know why. Guess going by that single point we haven't progressed much.

But on the contrary I have. I thought more, bothered more, cared more, loved more and lived more. I did what was morally right and socially acceptable. I kept myself last and pushed on in the hope that I would get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I had it all figured out like Spock from Star Trek.

But I realize now that I was happier when I was a selfish, egoistic, moron who didn't give a shit. You made me change for what was supposed to be right. But was it right?

Your silly notions of right and wrong, good and bad, what ifs and maybes have led to exactly where you are now. And you and I both know that it sucks. BIG TIME.

Where has your value system for people led you? Except for those rare few who still bother (God Bless them)what have you to show? All these Emotions are nothing but a convenient filter, a weapon against the masses to project something that they are bloody not. And you keep falling for it.

Realize that people don't want to see the truth, because they can't handle it. What they want is decorated, fabricated Lies because they look good, feel good and are easily disposable. At your expense.

People want people around them not because it feels good, but because it sucks to be alone. And that's what you're right now. Alone. Even I think your boring!!!

You keep asking me to shut up and have patience. How much fukin longer? Your philosophy and outlook has helped others to move on. But your still here. When people don't stop for you, time doesn't stop for you, why should I? When you are disposable for others, why should I bother?

Your compromises and noble thoughts are best in a leather bound special edition book titled
"Life for dummies - By the biggest there ever was", Not here. . If someone wants your opinion, they'll ask you for it. And then you can charge them too!!!So Stop Yapping.

How much more do you wanna take? People have walked all over you, taken you for granted, and except for the last year or so, its been horrible. I can't take this shit anymore.

You've kicked walls and climbed all over them to reach out to the other end, only to find no one home. Time to build your own bloody wall, and make sure its the biggest and thickest wall ever. Because if someone is coming through, Its time they proved themselves and not you. Fuck you dude, get a ego!!!

I hope all my ranting and screaming has made you realise that am bloody hell pissed off, and if it has made any sense to you, and that you go out and get a life. Stop pining over what happened and what should have happened. What ever happened is because you let it happen. Fuck it.

Here's your chance. And probably the last few. Make it count.

Cos if you don't....you already know Life's a Bitch.

Yours Truly
The loud voice in your head.

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