Just Emkaying: Men

May 30, 2011


Over the years DM has hinted at regular Male Behaviour through its subtle posts. We spoke about the difference in Men and Women Drivers, why a book is better than a girl friend (for which we the womens lib army held us up \m/) and of course the How To clean room / Kitchen Series. We also suggested the way men relax in The Art of Meditation. However the fairer society doesn't seem to be getting the hint. (Though they can come up with a wide range of accusations, etc) So we came up with some stuff that could be helpful.

1. When guys are pissed, they want to be left alone. Do NOT ask the following Questions
     - How's my Hair
     - You don't love me anymore
     - (After 5 min) Are you ok now?
     - (After 10 min) Am Bored. Wanna go to a movie?

2. Men love Gadgets. And vice versa. Do Not mess with them.The Gadgets I mean.

3. Men evolved from apes. Apes are messy. So are men. Don't nag them to clean up. Won't help. EVER.

4. NEVER give directions to a guy driving/riding. Catch an auto if you know the way.

5. Magenta, Ruby Red, Scarlet, Sky Blue, Cyan, etc are beyond understanding. Stick to Rainbow definition of  colours.

6. Men instinctively are problem solvers. They look at everything thats not right as a problem. So if you say " I had a horrible day at work" you'll probably get a reply like " Why don't ya quit?"

7. Men are not very good listeners. Especially when your on one of those "she said to her friend, who is the sister of my uncles brother in law, and then they came to...blah blah blah" etc. You want them to listen, tell them before you start!!!

8. Defintiely not good at subtle hints. If your upset, please tell them why!!!

9. Cricket and Football are not to be messed with. Even if Ekta Kapoor is doing the acting in the 47,000th episode of a 5 year old serial on Whose finally going to marry Manav/Ritesh/Amit/etc

10. Men are numbskulls some times. They mess up and get things wrong. But that doesn't mean they don't know it. They're probabaly feeling bad about it and wanna make it up to you. Don't start a nagging riot!!!

Hope this helps!!! (If it doesn't., read again :P )


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