Just Emkaying: Of Beaches, Babes and Beer - GOA!!!

Apr 13, 2011

Of Beaches, Babes and Beer - GOA!!!

Finally!!! After years of thirst and longing, on 8th April, via Kingfisher Red's wobbly ATR Flight Number 26 -sumthin-sumthin, we landed in the bloody hot paradise of Goa.

The Best part about Goa is, that the moment you land, you feel like drinking beer. Which is good of course, considering that you can buy beer/liquor at cheap prices in any place that has 2 shelves and a roof. That's what this place is all about, and that's what all the teenagers keep hoping to do in Goa.

The moment you land in the Airport, apart from the Cops and the Taxis wala's, everyone is dressed
 for a vacation. The more you go towards the inner parts of Goa/Beaches you will see that 80% of the Janta is either in shorts/Bermudas, or make do without those as well. (wink wink)

Choosing the Crab at Martins
Anyways, while we were told that North Goa was "the" place to be, we had to put up in South Goa, at the Nanutel Resorts, which was at the Colva beach. This Place is also close to Martins Corner, considered one of the top food - drink - live music - soopa chick having - places in South Goa. We of course did raid this place in the noon, and the place was jam packed with eye candy, the beer and food were a bonus!!!

In the Evening we checked out this place called Boomerang, which had some Austrian babe doing a flame throwing act. Beyond the fact that she was in a bikini, she was actually very good with the fire throwing - dangerous - seductive look thing. One of my colleagues even spoke to her and got her visiting card!!! This place was actually a shack on the beach, and had some lovely sea shore ambiance.

At Brittos
Apart from swimming at the Colva Beach (which was awesome) we did check out the Halo-ed "Brittos" at the Baga Beach,Calangute, which is at North Goa. This place has an awesome view of the beach, and is very popular with the aforementioned minimalistic clothing-wala crowd. This place is a must go, if your ever in Goa. Evenings are recommended.

Shopping at the Flea market at Arpura which opens exclusively on Saturday is a fun experience. There's cool bargains,live music, lottsa beer, and for a change, Foreigner's cooking steaks as they should be!!! We picked ups some stuff here before heading out to Anjuna Beach which turned out to be a disappointment as far as shacks were concerned. In the end we changed plans and drove down to Baga Beach. While most of the venues like Tito's, Mambo's and Capetown are couple-entry only places, the beach is open to all kinds of revelry.

The Saturday Flea Market
There are lot of Shacks which have a dance floor or a pool table, and lots of comfy chairs lined up in the beach. With some good seafood and beer, you can relax with some candle light and the sound of music and waves, or go ballistic in the ocean with some beer guzzling!!! (double wink)

We were there till 5 AM ( Yes 5 AM) before we drove back to our respective hotels to catch an early morning flight back to Bangalore.


Whats special about Goa is that you get booze everywhere, and no matter how much you drink, its going to take something really special to get drunk. I must have guzzled a case of beer over 36 hours, and I was still fine. Liquor is comparatively cheap, by around 30% so its worth while to pick up your single malts and Premium Vodkas from here.

Goan Cuisine is fantastic, and apart from the Seafood (all of them - prawns, fish, crabs and squid) you can also sample the Xacuti and Cafreal which are Goan Specialties. The Goan Sausage with Pav is a fantastic any time snack.

The best way to travel around Goa, is to either rent bikes or cars. We took cars as we had teetotallers who could drive us around while we got drunk (or at least attempted to) a. A regular 4 wheeler like wagon R or I 10 would cost  you 1000 bucks a day + petrol + 350 bucks for delivery and pick up. You can make full use of the car in exploring the city and it works out quite well.

What you will also see, is a lot of women tourists :) :) :) Especially in the beaches, and the other places that are not beaches....bottom line they're everywhere!!! While most of them looked like tourists, Goa also has a considerable expat population. There's also lots of Indian babes in tourist mode, and they don't seem to mind much when people Stare and drool. :P

Additionally, it seems that the local women run the show in most business. Unlike other states, in Goa women would be manning most stores and shops, and would hand out liquor and Cigarettes in equal ease as vegetables.

While I have been hounded for not having "fun" and being sporty enough to approach the beautiful babes around, I am sure the second time around will be far more interesting :)

While there - Wear Shorts, Drink beer/liquor, swim in the beach, Soak your eyes in the lovely crowd, and enjoy the beauty of what is essentially Goa.

Thought we'd see if Boss was home :)
PS - More Snaps in a separate post.

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