Just Emkaying: Mcdonalds Sucks.

Jan 8, 2010

Mcdonalds Sucks.

Let me tell you all a little story.

Once there was a big old beast called McDonald. The Beast used to serve hot and delicious burgers to little people like me. And when little people like me were too lazy to wake up and walk to them, they used to deliver to our little homes. For an extra fee of course. (Which most of the other beasts don't charge)

After countless deliverys, all of a sudden McDonald goes crazy. It must be all the money they must be making after so many little people started buying from them.

They deliver my orders 90 min late, thereby making me crazy in hunger.(11.30 pm)
They give me a leaking coke cup, tell me nothing is wrong (while the coke is dripping over their hands) and then finally change the coke 20 min late
On another occassion the guy delivers a "tikki burger" and tries to convince "ME" that its a mahraja mac.

Then they introduce their order tracking and delivery system, and after swearing never to order from them, I relent. And give it a try.

And they deliver 45min later. Again. For a house thats a 10min walk from their outlet. And they charge us for it. Its like the Beasts gone bonkers or something.

So the little people (like me) got angry and decided to boycott McDonald (The particular store) and give proper feedback to a decision maker from their company regarding "PAID" customer service. (If your from McDonald, or know someone from there show them this)

And till that happens the BEAST and the little people live happily ever after.

We did treat another BEAST (read P-I-Z-Z-A H-U-T) sometime ago with some liberal dose of the English Dictionary, and some mobile talk later we had a "forgiveness meal" offered. Which we dint take of course (tempted though we were) But lateral sources inform us that many little people have been facing the same beastly services recently. Guess the management is busy making money from cheap "dine-in" services.

Anyway, keep living people!!!


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