Just Emkaying: Discrimination on the Basis of B school!!!

Jan 12, 2010

Discrimination on the Basis of B school!!!

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Anyway, am expecting this to be a very hot topic and controversial topic. So please read the following at your own risk. I also know that corporates, do background checks and all that, and any comment or visit is absolutely at your risk. As for me, I dont give a damn until you convince me that am wrong. In which case I shall accept my mistake graciously

STATUTORY WARNING : Reading the following topic can be injurious to your paycheck/job opportunity/promotion etc


1. Any reference to any person is strictly for reference only
2. Any reference to any reference is for reference only.
3. No harm meant to toppers from any institute
4. Any thing that you might find derogatory was meant for someone else(in most cases the guy u hate)

Here goes,

On a recent forum, I found someone talking about shutting down IIT's in favor of using that money, in setting up more engineering colleges. They argued that quality of students produced would be more or less equivalent if the same educational facilities were offered to more people, than spending on infrastructure at the colleges. Mind you IIT's do cost a bomb.

Apart from being an interesting topic, what caught my fancy was this. Someone said...most grads from top college's move outta India (read U.S.A) to earn more money, and additionally because abroad, people recognize talent and promote it. Its not surprising to find people who work smart and hard move up the ladder quicker than in India.

In India, the competition is tougher and more difficult. And we suffer from two syndromes. "Scarcity" and "Brand"

Scarcity syndrome is defined as : while we have grown up, people have had to fight for the best, or more simply taught to compete for the best. As such, the ones that achieve the feat are automatically stars, as opposed to those that don't or those who dont aspire to . This is my problem number 1

Brand Syndrome is defined as: anything that is known for being top notch or popular automatically becomes "the ONLY" solution or answer to achievement. This is my problem number 2

This is how I bring the topic in. I agree that Top B schools provide the best methods of learning and measurement of learning. They do not guarantee the execution of that learning. They do not guarantee the quality of practical use and research on existing knowledge.
In short they don't guarantee practical results. Whatever the students have achieved at their work is what gives the school its name or brand. And there is no way to guarantee that all the students from these schools can achieve the same. Something like Polishing Rough Diamonds to polished ones with the best technology in the world.This may be due to various reasons.

Therefore : So all thats from top B school is not Gold
Are you still with me?Good.

Now there are Gadzillion colleges in this country of ours. Not all of them are known.So they arent Big Brands. So they dont attract the best talent, neither do they get the best facilities. So what they do get is mediocre students who they try to mould into a decent work force for the available jobs in the market. Its something like taking Iron and trying to mould it to something useful without having the right heat temperature. The Transformation to "Can be employed" from "cannot be employed" is BIG change.

Therefore : All that's from the non top B schools is not crap. I nfact the capacity to adapt and change is much larger than others (Read top B schools)

Here let me take a moment to talk to all you toppers from the top schools of this country. You deserve the credit. You deserve the recognition of cracking some of the toughest exams in the world. Your top notch. Absolutely.

But heres what your NOT. Your not above mistakes. Your not perfect. And your not invincible.

But then again the problems not with you. The problems are with corporates. For the love of God I fail to understand that why you wouldnt give a chance to someone who is not from a top college inspite of performing and inspite of showing talent that can be groomed. Its like when you have to promote someone whos not from a top college you have a hundred reasons. But if the same guy gets a degree from a top b school while working then hes automatically proved worthy and all your reasons disappear.

Why? Is it that you cant see the good work that he/she does in front of your eyes- And need additional proof from a top college?

Why cant you see character and integrity, instead of diploma and CGPA? Am not only talking about just existing employees but also while fresh recruits go on.

One of the Questions I asked recently on a professional Networking site, included on the process of recruting interview. Most of those who answered were international recruiters and stressed about the calibre of the person from previous work experience, or if a fresher the passion and sincerity in doing the work and "coachability"

NOT diploma. If you wanted a guy from a top B school, youd either be invited or would visit a top B school were the students would choose to work or not work with you. Not their fault, as they are brands themselves. You wouldnt mind coming back empty handed rather than look at people in your organisation.Who werent from top B schools. Why?

Why this obsession with Diplomas from Top B schools? Do you really need a diploma from the creme da la creme of Institutes to have all the gates open to you? Doesnt hard work, sincerity and intelligence count for anything? Just because you dint go to a Top B School make you any less deserving?Strange

Can you seriously prove a bolt made from the best factory in the world can fit all the nuts?!!

You cant can you?

If your not from a top B school, and yet perform well, youll get all the praise and additional work. But not a promotion. Not a raise. They know you can slog your arse off, but hesistate when it comes to paying you more for it. or putting you a step higher so that you can teach or lead others.

sigh. Come on. Sad.

Anyway, my roomies come back screaming about discrimination at his work place. so if you have anythging to say, the comments option is open :)



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