Just Emkaying: Managing Music

Jan 11, 2010

Managing Music

I dont call myself a music lover. But strangely I have over 18 GB of music. And a pretty decent collection of trance, hip hop, old classics, rock and so on...Except heavy metal (Cant make out whats the tune and whats the lyrics in it anyway..)

While I listen to different kinds of music, I never had a headache regarding managing the same. I had my play lists and updated new songs all neatly arranged, until my notebook crashed. After recovering the disks, picking out songs became a terror.

Most of my collections were numbered. And it was a pain trying to make out one song from another as most of the songs were named "Track 1" or "01". But now I have embarked on mission "remove-the-numbers-and -replace-with-names".Or something like that.

Don know how many days its gonna take. But guess it will be worth it. At least till the lappy crashes again!!!

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