Just Emkaying: I'll say Hi

Oct 29, 2011

I'll say Hi

I won't walk up to give you a Hi
Doesn't mean I didn't see you from the corner of my eye
Smile I might, perhaps a little shy
But its not attitude, you've just got me a little high

Sooner or Later, we will meet
And at my nervous best, I shall be
I will mumble and fumble,but I will be true
I can't help it. Am stuck on to you

Once we talk, I'll make you laugh
Maybe we'll click, maybe not
But then I wouldn't be here, If  I wasn't sure
One look, and I'll know, were going to rock!!!

By now were close, hanging out
I'll think and think, there creeps a doubt
Maybe your thinking, wondering too
Is this the one, give me a clue

And here it comes the time to decide
you'll look at choices, you'll have the time
Hope against hope, you'll make up your mind
And keep it from me, you'll expect me to understand

So its happened before, its true I've gone numb
I don't bother asking, its been more than some
I've lost faith, I've made up my mind
There's nothing to do when things unwind

You'll keep acting, pretending its fine
Or maybe it was just me all the while
I won't be bitter, I won't cry
I'll wish you well, and hug you good bye

Another day, as time flies by
I'll even walk up to give you a Hi
Smile I might, perhaps a little coy
But its not for you, its for the lovely one by my side


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