Just Emkaying: Morality and more such nonsense

Nov 15, 2011

Morality and more such nonsense

I come back to the same question. Is doing the right thing really that important? The right thing comes to me as naturally as crotch grabbing comes to Michael Jackson (his own or otherwise). Yet I don't feel right after years of what I thought was sensible, morally acceptable living. The world, for some unfathomable reason, doesn't seem to revolve around me.

When I started, It was fashionable to wear your heart on the sleeve (as opposed to wearing them on boxer shorts these days) and Daily Mirror, was a blog meant for reflection, for understanding and for making sense of things. Somewhere in between this got lost.

Patience is a curse. And so is maturity. And so are all the other things they teach you to grow up with. Morality  is the biggest damnation of them all. Can you think of one numb-skull who made it this way?

And even if all these things were right, then I wouldn't be writing this at 1.55 am in the night, would I? I should have been tied down to err... sleeping.

There is no black and White, and Grey has conquered all. All Grey areas.Everything is right, and you can shove everything up and get in on the action, or sit and watch as the world goes by. Questions are riling my brain and I feel like an idiot. Wonder what Rajnikanth would have done.

I think I have begun to live in a fantasy land, hoping to get somewhere with all this nonsense. Problem is, I know it and cant accept it. Every time I get close, someone kicks my merry-go-round into a tizzy.

Why Why Why me? 

All this rant for no meaningful end. I think I am changing.

As Linking Park said..." In the End, it Doesn't even matter"


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