Just Emkaying: Formula One - Ra One Fever

Oct 28, 2011

Formula One - Ra One Fever

First of all am not an F1 Fan. I don't even understand the sport, though all the "Excitement" that the newscaster on Sports center manages by hustling in her seat has caught my attention. I do remember a classmate of mine in college,  who listed F1 as a sport she followed seriously, which made the rest of us roll our eyes. Its only when she let loose a barrage of statistics like her favorite driver Michael Shoe maker , Smuch maker, Schumacher that we all shut up. And avoided her.

Anyways, its hardly surprising that its caught the Nations Imagination. After all, the local drivers and F1 drivers have a lot in common. For e.g F1guys drive on tracks made for racing, our Auto wala's race on roads made for driving. F1 guys objective is to be the first at the chequered flag. Cab drivers want to be first at the Traffic signal. F1 guys overtake at any given opportunity. KSRTC Bus drivers overtake as and when they feel like it, irrespective of who could get under their tyres.

Of Course, the most awaited part of the race are the grid girls. I guess they will customize Indian Grid girls(Or Ra-one girls?!) in Multi colored chiffon sarees and backless blouses and do a gushing Marilyn Monroe when the cars zoom by. And if Sukha Khan had the opportunity, he would have named it the F1 Chamak Challo track instead of Buddh International Circuit, but that's another story.

Whats been annoying me is that every interview with the racer's ends in talking about how they love the local food. If they really had a proper serving of Butter "Dripping" chicken and spicy tandoori in Delhi, they'd be racing to the washrooms faster than their Ferrari's and Mclarens put together.

Last of it is the Lady Gaga concert and Metallica performing during the course of the first Indian race. Now everyone I know has been scampering to get tickets/passes to these events, to get a glimpse of mother monster and the Gods of scream, but I have a doubt that its more about a lady who loves performing on stage with fire coming out of her lady lumps, and five guys scream their way to orgasm on stage. And then there's the added bonus of great music. Looking at the similarities in the colors used in their Metallica logo and the Ra-One poster, I half doubt there's a Metallica version of  "CHAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAK CHAAAAAAAAAAALLLOOOOOO" With Sukha Khan, anything is possible.

Of course, before am labelled a sore loser whose not going to be at the event (#$#$!!!) let me say I love the whole concept - Cars-Girls-Music, though, am no judge of Fast cars or Fast girls or Loud Music, so I leave it to the fans to do their bit of maniacal screaming and hooting at the event.Its bound to be a Guddh event.

Sadly, we need more of this in Indian Hockey, a national sport which has been promoted with little or no imagination whatsoever. The only reminiscence of Hockey that I have is from Sukha Khans "Chak de India" with a makeup laden mid field player and a model-type center forward, who was cheered by a billion people each time she ran up the field with the ball.Err... The Hockey ball.

Anyways, I don't know why I even bothered with this post, seems nonsensical to me. Must be the effect of being blitzkrieged by ads selling me Ra-One Soaps, Furniture, Home appliances, Horlicks, Action Figures, Playstations, etc (Brilliant marketing no?)

All in all, As @theRealMadrasan (Of the open letter to a Delhi boy fame) signed off in her recent special post on the Outlook Magazine - My shapely Posterior.


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