Just Emkaying: Break Free

Feb 15, 2016

Break Free

Have you ever felt
A weight so heavy
that you can't lift your head
your hands want to bury deep
into your pockets,
At your sides

Have you ever felt
the hooks of the past
buried so deep in your back
the more you pull forward
it claws you, hurts
and you just want to give in

Have you ever felt
the urge to throw everything
to break, destroy anything
after being broken yourself
for so long

Have you ever felt
to just scream your lungs out
to listen, to do,
what your heart cries for
without a care?

Have you ever felt
chasing after a dream
a need, a desire
but left disappointed
unable to understand

Then its time,

It's time you felt
the sun shine a warmth
through the eyes
who see you admirably,
for who you are

It's time you felt
those arms reaching out to you
Calling, embracing
drawing you close
Holding you tight

It's time you felt
those smiles and cheers
smother all your fears
picking up those pieces
to keep you together

It's time you felt
the little song in your heart
tunes and beats
that only you can hear
when you see
who's with you

It's time you felt
that you are not alone
let go of what was
to let in what can be
Love is beautiful

Break Free.


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  1. lovely poem... so meaningful..

    Cheers, Archana - www.travelwitharchie.com