Just Emkaying: Bye Bye 2015

Dec 31, 2015

Bye Bye 2015

The writing of a post at the end of the year has been a tradition ever since the the inception of this blog. Am not sure if it still remains a blog or if it's more of a random musing kind of thing. Nonetheless, I feel this immense weight on my shoulders to write after ignoring this site for a good many months.

I am a vivid dreamer, both night and day. Some of you may know my tales which I might mumble over a conversation with the right audience, but largely on a one on one basis. While most of my college life it was very limited to random dreams of snakes (and I have no fear of snakes to be honest) of more recent it has been very strange movie themed dreams that often include people who've been on my mind. I've been on war style attacks on random mushroom shaped homes, and I've been one romantic liaisons with people who never even featured on my list when am awake. To clarify, I don't have a list.

It's not rare that I text / whatsapp people if they are alright first thing in the morning after such an episode.

At this moment, I am in a very different state of mind. It's like being on the tip of a peak, emotions running high, On one side is the high of making the peak, but on the other is the fact that its just one of the peaks, and there are so many others that are important to me that I have had to let go to reach this one. I guess life is sometimes like that. You reach out for something that is the most closest to your heart, or mind, or one that is the first in a series. The first step is always the hardest.

The peak reference could also be linked to the show thats on TV right now. Bear Grylls is taking Obama on one of his wild adventures. Surely scripted, but Obama as a president has been very interesting. Not because of his politics, that's the last thing I am interested in. But more so because of his willingness to stand apart. Comedy shows, appearing in vines, being part of TV shows that aren't "presidential" in stature. I think that also extends to his wife who recently appeared in a rap song. 

Or I could just be mildly high. 

Another adidas ad plays on TV of the basketball star who asks you to be who you are. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. Interesting analogy, though its hardly as crystal clear as that.

Hold on a sec, Obama is back on and he just said the most important thing is persistence. It's either a very telling sign, or just pure luck. That's the exact word I wanted to say that 2016 was about. It's going to be about persistence. Persistence on so many levels, but the persistence that I have in mind has nothing to do with outdoor treks, or experimenting, or any thing at all. 

2015 by far has been a very good year out of the last 5 years. I would happily ditch 2011 and 2012 if I could, but then I'm better off for those years. 

Obama just said be useful, and be kind. Be useful to somebody and be kind. With all due respect to the President, I think the first half is bull shit.

Random thought - Ranveer singh is on TV and I think he's awesome. Zinda Dil is the word that comes to mind. 

Anyways, I really have a lot to look forward to in 2016. It's probably the biggest challenge I have ever taken up. And the action that has already happened is to be honest, quite surprising to me. Am not one for acting so quickly. Well, if it ends well like it did in 2015, I won't have anything to complain about in 2016. I've also seen so many weaknesses. So many flaws. That probably wasn't the case when 2015 started off. That being said, even if we go through the prep needed I'd still be better off at the end of the 2016.

Too much crypticness is happening. I wonder if someday I would have to abandon this site all together as a certain someone I knew did.

Am seeing guys dancing to one another on Big Boss. Shit just got terrible. 

Don't get judgemental. Discovery switched to Ghost tales and am not going down on New Year's eve watching scary Ghost tales. Big Boss was the only other thing left to watch.

I can go on and on. But not right now.

So without much ado, wishing you a 2016 that sees your dreams fulfilled. Unless it interferes with mine :P


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