Just Emkaying: 5 things that don't happen when you turn 30

May 7, 2015

5 things that don't happen when you turn 30

It's happened.

On Feb 14 this year I turned 30. I think that's like 50% of my life given I'd be grateful to live normally till 60, unless they create a mechanism that lets people live on even though their physical bodies have died. This is under the assumption that politicians still function even though their brains and hearts are dead before they reach the parliament, broadly speaking - same prinicple.

That being said, let me break the following myths.

1. 30 rocks!

No, 30 doesn't rock. If anything you are confused between acting "your age" and "being young at heart" whatever that means. I am still working, still doing the same things on weekends, etc. I still have to beg auto rickshaws for a ride, and the bus conductor still makes a face for change. Beer costs the same, and there's less of rock in rock music than ever.


2. You can do whatever you want in life

Only Deepak Chopra can do whatever he wants in life. The rest need to smoke up.


3. You are financially free 

Whoever wrote this up has either never worked through 30, or lies for a living.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...'lend me some money cough'

4. You learn that you don't always get what you want

5. It's time for you to settle down

WTF does that mean? Is it like "ooh am thirty, my landing gear is coming out, lets land"

In parting.


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