Just Emkaying: January - Resolution breaking time!!!

Jan 31, 2015

January - Resolution breaking time!!!

Hello readers and welcome to a brand new edition of  "Writing because its almost the end of the first month of the year and I haven't written anything and I must at least keep my resolution of writing regularly for a month before breaking them"

I have a strong suspicion that this whole concept of "New Years Resolution" is a cooked up story by gyms and Fitness centers. I mean think of it, people sign up for 6 month / yearly plans at the start of the year, hoping to chisel 20 odd years of laziness and slobbery into the fine cuts of Hrithik's Abs in 12 months. That's as ridiculous as expecting the Congress to make one valid point as the opposition party after 10 years of not having one as the Ruling party.

In other news, there was the terrorist attack in France, and the whole Freedom of Speech thing was all over the place. I don't want to go back to the "I am Charlie" and "I am not Charlie" because honestly its been done to death already (pun not intended). What is interesting however, is that the first reaction the Indian Government had was to see if they could pull a fast one and curtail "offensive comments" - which is code for anti - government, which is a sub text for pointing out flaws, backtracks, suspension of Fundamental rights, circumventing the Constitution, etc.

Speaking of the Govt, Obama was in town recently and am not sure if he was clear why, till the time he left. I heard the UP government was heart broken to hear that the Taj visit was not happening, primarily because that would be the single largest achievement of the government there after reducing the taxes on the movie PK, in a state that has the highest number of people under the poverty line, and has consistently over the last decade struggled to alleviate the poverty situation even though funds have been consistently allocated for this purpose.

Ah well, nothing like a movie to distract from that daily misery eh Akhilesh?

Oh another fun fact (pending confirmation) - 15,000 CCTV's were put up in Delhi for Obama's visit to the Republic day parade, to ensure maximum security for the chap, important fellow that he is.

If we had known that it would take a visit of this order to set up a decent security network that would help stop the ever growing list of rape victims in the national capital, we could have stopped beating the doors of justice and instead reached out to Obama Bhai to visit earlier.

I too spent a night in Delhi last weekend, and I can confidently report that I have made it back safely. The pocket knifes and razor blades that were tucked into my socks, back pocket, and other unmentionables were never brought into service. It was chilly in a nice sort of way, and I would have stayed on if the Taj was not shut down for Obama's visit.

Which he eventually cancelled at the last minute, because obviously he was swamped with all the people helping him out with his planning and being at his every beck and call, so busy that he couldn't just pick the phone and say "Oops, Taj ain't happening Brodi"

Ah well. I wonder if we can have guests for Independence day.


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