Just Emkaying: An Iphone, a Zoozoo and The Pug

Mar 2, 2011

An Iphone, a Zoozoo and The Pug

(The Subject line of the blog is the subject of the mail I sent to Vodafone to get my point across)

Before I start, I need to let you know the background, so I don't sound like a 100% Grade 1 Bastard. Though I didnt get the choice of which subscriber I picked up with the I phone, My troubles began on Day 1, 2009

1. No one at Vodafone had a clue as to how the Internet was to be activated on the I phone. It took them a month to figure the right SMS. (understandable, being new device to India and all that)
2. My balances kept vanishing under the pretext of "user" charges.
3. A year of silence later, I finally am able to get the net services on the phone, after hours of talking to customer care.
4. The Terror of "Submit Documents" begins. (At this point, please note I have legitamately been using this number for 5 years) Every call, you get the "submit the documents" voice, Every day an SMS.
5. I walk into Vodafone, store give them the documents, and walk out.
6. Vodafone refuses to back down, attacks with more "submit Document" calls and SMS.
7. I walk into Vodafone, store give them the documents, and walk out.
8. Vodafone refuses to back down, attacks with more "submit Document" calls and SMS.
9. I fight through 100s of people, for hours and submit documents.
10. Vodafone is still doing the same ...submit documents. They further proceed to cut my caller id, incoming and outgoing on the day that MNP is introduced in Bangalore. Thereby forcing me to stick to them and their non service. They also refuse to respond to my mails to unlock the phone.

Finally, I get some mail ids on FB (Big Big People), and cross check on Linkedin, and proceed to send the following mail.

Today, I really felt that I should write this mail to let you know a few things.
I have enjoyed your services over the last 5 years, first as Hutch and then as Vodafone, and recently as a satisfied I Phone customer.You had amazing offerings, and your services drew me to sticking on.The Cute Pug ad also played a big role in keeping me hooked to your brand.
However, recent treatment from Vodafone has made me feel that I have displeased your Pug and fallen in the eyes of the ZooZoos.
Apparently,fighting my way through hundreds of "happy" subscribers to submit address/photo documents in your store (that opens conveniently after 11am) is not enough. Even If I do it 3 times.
I don't have much choice when your "help" centre is busy attending other calls, or a pretty voice asks me to keep pressing numbers (while am bombarded with your recent caller tune campaigns) to reach the elusive human on the other end.
As a Marketing Professional, your "happy to help" campaign inspires me to write this mail, hoping to have either my calls and SMS restored, or my phone unlocked so as to switch the service provider.
In the entire scheme of things, am sure one subscriber does not have a big say, But I hope to have your help in either way.

Needless to say, the next day everything was back in place, and the day after that a nice gentleman came down to pick my documents and to submit them.
At the end, after everything, they did solve the problem, so I guess at least someone in Vodafone is happy to help!!!

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