Just Emkaying: Straight from the heart

Feb 14, 2011

Straight from the heart

Though I may have managed to drag around to the other side of 25 on this Feb 14th, am very happy. For many reasons.

Am happy for the 150 odd wishes on FB, a dozen odd sms, 30 odd calls, 40 + personal wishes, some great surprises, lottsa cake,  a kid who couldn't get enough of jumping on my shoulders, 2 dear friends whom I dint meet in a loooooong time, 2 best buds who called me as usual in the middle of night to regale stories of times gone by, some old food, a dear friend ("giggle") who went a long way to make it a great day and gifts :)

Its moments that these that make me grateful for wonderful people around me. Though a lot of my buddies are going to get married soon, and probably life won't be the same as before, am hopeful that there will always be people around the corner that I can hug and feel at home.

Though there are many reasons to be unhappy, I think its time to put it all behind and enjoy each day as it comes. Or At least try to.

Life is wonderful sometimes.


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