Just Emkaying: Dreamlog - On French Island

Feb 8, 2011

Dreamlog - On French Island

Walking around the beach in the morning sun was as normal as it could get. But not for Ajay. He was on an island in France which was hardly the size of his college block, with his friend, on the invitation of the girl he loved and even more painfully her fiance. Which was what made it un-normal so to speak.

What made it strange was that he couldn't understand how there were grape vines growing out of the sea, what the hell his friend who had nothing to do with this part of his life,was doing there with him, and why there was an Indian style STD telephone booth in the middle of a beach in France.Through out this journey, he never once saw the face of the girl nor her fiance, but heard them throughout, talking to each other about things only two people in love could. He could only imagine of course.

He also got into an interaction with some Thailand natives, arguing about the size of the L shaped swimming pool in their home, which was tiled with colorful mosaic which looked more like a Lego collection.

At the end of it all, he woke up with a feeling of sadness and confusion.

P S  - Point to prove that "Ajay" has some wacky sixth sense(for the umpteenth time), "Ajay's Friend" sent "Ajay" a face book message asking him how he knew this "girl" in question on the same day in the afternoon.There are no coincidences in life.

Living a lie is a difficult task. Doing it everyday is emotional suicide.


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