Just Emkaying: How to be dumb and alienate people

Jun 2, 2010

How to be dumb and alienate people


After seeing many of my colleagues blogging, and me having to knock of my blog address from most social networks (why do they call them that anyway?) by virtue of my decreasing number of posts, I have a post to type

I hope the blog title has caught your attention, because am not sure whether the rest of it will. If there is a rest of it, that is.

For whatever its worth, am fed up of having to come up with something to blog. Why can't you just type something for the sake of it. Something which goes like ....blfafno noaf !!! fm m a?hhg a? and not be judged by the whole world?

Thats why I like aliens. They alienate people. The process of "alienate people" is simple. I learnt it from the Aliens themselves. From Master I-am-alien to be precise.

The technique is very simple. First you got to look dumb (am not doubting your talent for this, after all you are reading this...)

To achieve this, you got to smile a lot. Just smile a lot. At nothing in particular. Just smile. Try it now.


See? Not so tough. Now while your doing this, do not respond to anything at all. For e.g if your at work, just smile into the lap top. If someones explaining something to you, pretend to hear them, and then don't respond. Just smile.

By now, you ought to try this out on friendly targets. If you got those little things that run around your home, those irritating things....uh....Yeah!!! Siblings...try it out on them. Just go up to them and smile. If they start screaming abuses or stare, you've got it right.

If you don't, you can try it on a colleague, or your classmate. Just smile. If by the next day, you can see them running for cover, you've got it right.

Just to let you know, this doesn't work on Dogs and Cats. A Dog would probably lap you up more, and a Cat....well who knows those feline things...Am sure their aliens too.

Come to think of it, Cats are pretty good at it. They always get their way, yet you don't see them talk, work or obey commands. In fact they don't even have to pay for anything.

Now where was I....ah alienate people...ya. Well actually, I haven't completed my training in this refined art, but Master I-am-alien told me, writing something like this was part of the training of going dumb and alienating people...

You know, you should try it too...Its fun. Meow!!!

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