Just Emkaying: My Tree of Life

Jul 6, 2014

My Tree of Life

Image Courtesy: www.osnatfineart.com/painting/5907-Tree-of-Life
It's been a while since I wrote. Writing to me is a way of expression, and my friends would know me to be an expressive person. Combined with the attention span of a kitten, and the enthusiasm of a jack in a box, I can be quite a challenge to any 5 year old.

If I look back at my posts over the last few years, I think I've written most when  my expression was constrained, bottled up in a pressure tight worldly container. In this period, I was under the misconception that I wrote to keep in touch with my creative side. I now realise that it was an escape for my soul that cried out for help, to get back to what came naturally to me - fun, happiness and goodness. The fact that I have not written for so long, in the above context is actually a good sign for me personally. 

The creative is usually an expression that comes from feeling profoundly. I've been writing to escape, I now want to start writing because I feel. 

The below is a poem I penned in a life changing workshop on Saturday. (Workshop is highly recommended, leave a comment if you want to know more.) But before you read this, read a poem I wrote in 2011. It's called the Age of Destruction

And now read "My Tree of Life"


I began a small, 
Tender at the sides 
my life force was within
Patiently, I bid time by

My benefactor was kind
His love he did pour
The air and the sun were friends
In their smiles, I soaked

I grew strong and well
Till they came around
They kicked me and hurt me
Pained,  I yelled in silence 

Pieces of me fell
Shriveled I became
I kept crying in despair
Oh woe is me, the world unfair 

One Day I looked around me
There were others too
Ones bigger and mightier
Surely they'd have gone through this too

And I smiled at them
And they smiled back
I felt spark within me
I felt hope a new

So then I brightened up again
I decided within me was a mighty tree
All I had to do was believe
And I believed in me 

Today I write a poem
A poem about me
How a sapling believed
Believed that he was a tree.

I think the difference is there for the world to see. I hope you find your own tree of life soon, and make the journey from living a life to creating your own.