Just Emkaying: Elections 2014 - Dark Horse on Pink Elephants

Mar 27, 2014

Elections 2014 - Dark Horse on Pink Elephants

There are 4 characters in this story. The Dark Horse, the Pink Elephant, The White Fluffy Rabbit and the Journalist.

* * *

This is an interview between the Dark Horse on the comments made by another political heavy weight, Pink Elephant.

Journo - Sir, the Pink Elephant said that you are a terrorist and one of three problems that this country faces. What is your reaction?

DH - See, the Pink Elephant is making rash statements. This is not expected from an animal that wants to be King. It is unbecoming of him

Journo - Do you have any message to the Pink elephant?
DH - No I don't want to comment on the Pink elephant.

Journo - So you are saying that you are afraid of the Pink Elephant?
DH - What? When did I say...

Journo - Sir are you denying that you are afraid of the Pink Elephant?
DH - I never said that, I mean I am not afraid of any Elephant

Journo - So the Pink Elephant is just a regular elephant?
DH - That is for the animals of the forest to decide.

Journo - But the animals have already decided that he is Pink, do you deny it?
DH - Wait, what are you even...

Journo - So you think the animals are wrong about Elephants? Why are you anti elephants?
DH - I am not anti elephants, all I said was that the animals...

Journo - Sir why are you avoiding the question? Please answer the question. Why do you hate animals and what is the problem with pink?
DH - I do not hate animals, stop reading into my statements

Journo - Elephants are animals, do you deny that?
DH - Of course they are animals!!!

Journo - What are the chances of the Pink Elephant being an Animal Sir?
DH - Isn't that obvious?

Journo - Why are you afraid to admit that Pink Elephants are animals?

Journo - If It's Obvious, why don't you say it? You know that Pink elephants are Animals, but what are you trying to hide then?
DH - This is ridiculous!!!

Journo - BREAKING NEWS, DH refuses to acknowledge the Pink Elephant as an animal, calls it Ridiculous

Stay tuned for more new coverage.

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