Just Emkaying: The Choice

Feb 1, 2012

The Choice

It was an early Saturday Evening. The World was at its lazy best, snuggling into a late lunch, playing in the streets and reading the papers that carried stories of people who always looked great in photographs.

But in her head, it was a war. A battle that many of her kind and seen, succumbed to and few survived.

On One hand was what she always longed for. Comfort. Understanding. Knowing that no matter what, this would be the right choice for any occasion. Years of experience told her that there was something here, that no one could point a finger at. No one would judge her on her decision. She could walk into any gathering and be happy and content. Perhaps no one would give them a second look, perhaps no one would even ask or complement her, but it was what her world had already seen and expected as acceptable, and she could move on with it.

The other was more risky. It was akin to giving up a trusted aide, a dangerous game of doing something different and radical, and taking crazy to a whole new level. There was something about these things that gave her a high that nothing else could. Doing what was uncommon. Gambling with these situations was what could either make it or break it, destroy what she had or take her in a whole new direction that meant immediate gratification. And a shot that she could change the way she looked at herself and the world.

It was getting darker. Both in her mind and the fading light outside. It was a tough call, and no amount of support or suggestions from her pals could do her any good. This was one decision she had to make on her own, for she alone had to bear the consequences.

She looked around. Her place was in a mess. Laptop on one end, the TV blaring, Fashion Magazines strewn across the bed. A pile of clothes to be washed.


The Clock struck 8. They would be there any moment now.

She stood up purposefully and gazed at the mirror. Admiring what was essentially a reflection of her beauty, and the attitude that gave the entire image an aura that would get heads turning. A small smile crept on to her face. She looked lovingly at the evening dress she had picked up for the night.

She walked to her bed and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and the thoughts flashed by her.

When she opened her eyes, it was all clear. She had decided.

She picked up her Favorite pair of heels and chucked the studded Pink Leather boots aside.


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