Just Emkaying: Age of Destruction

Jun 28, 2011

Age of Destruction

Its that age
The Age of Destruction

With The Bible of Enthusiasm
You're Baptised by fire
One Day you will reach the moon
Till then you won't tire

You're neither here
and you're neither there
The world's your playground
and your stuck in a snare

You beat your arms to reach higher
While you sink, Quicksand all over
One moment your good, great
The next your spent and late

You think you have time
But in reality you don't
You juggle too many things
Hoping to make it count

And then,You Can't wait
Can't rewind
So you start pushing
Your tagged, and left behind

You regret what you have done
And more what you haven't
"Make your own future"
Life catches up

One moment in love
The next, married to someone else
Under the burden of expectations
from others and yourself

Too young to ignore
Too old to be carefree
You learn to be responsible
And yet yearn to be free

The Road has been tough
For the less troden path
Its Frustating cos theres no light
At each lampost you pass by

And yet we will go
In search of redemption
Its the age
The Age of Destruction.


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