Just Emkaying: Aaaa Blah blah blah

Jul 6, 2008

Aaaa Blah blah blah

when ya think its all over, there it goes and starts all over again...man really fed up of working the market!!! Guys who are in sales will tell you hw monontonous the front end line sales is..especially when Indian economy is on a vacation and all companys are seeing the colours of the rainbow in their sales growths!!

The jobs today are becoming so target/number oriented that there hardly is life left...even after work hours, life become target based..come home early=happy wife; get chocolates=kids happy; Buy a necklace=Gf happy for a month Phew!!! The entire fun has gone out of living..no surprise elelment. do this to get that..

I cant beleive I have even saying these things!! I gotta get outta here!!!


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