Just Emkaying: LOREAL Experience- BA Management 2

Dec 8, 2007

LOREAL Experience- BA Management 2

Hi... today am going to continue about BA management. Like i mentioned in the last post the initial stage is to connect with your BA's and make them a part of your team. Remember without this there is no point in going ahead with part 2 as it wont work without the initial understanding and faith.

Any way in part 2 we look at how to get BA's to do their work honestly and diligently. Usually a BA will not see the logic in doing a particular work, when in essence it would definitely efect her. Confused??
Let me explain with an example. One of the task of the BA is to maintain the products in the shelfs in a particuar manner ( planogram) and very tidy. To the Ba these tasks sound similar to "cleaning the house and keeping things in place". What they dont understand is that product placement at eye level effects customer decison making and that effects sale which directly affects achievment of sales target and thereby incentives :)

That is product placement==>customer purchase==>better sales==>achieve target==>get incentive.

This logic has to be explained to the BA. But ah...the jobs not easy and not enough to convince the BA. You have to prove th logic!!! only then does the BA realize the logic.

That was just an example. I am sure most cosmetic companies would agree with me that the BA is a powerhouse of information and possibilities. Getting them to invlve actively in the selling process and providing market inteligence is a massive task. one can only expect this as that is the possibilities of such an involvement by the BA!!

Any way am planning to do some innovations, but my BA's are resigning left right and center so i need some time to set things right:)

till then friends


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  1. I have some ideas as to how you can stem the tide of BAs resigning.